Nova Power was asked to work for a rural estate which incorporates a large stately home, two large houses, several offices, various cottages, farmland, and gardens. The whole estate is off the gas network, incurring large bills to heat the various properties with oil and electricity.


Biomass was selected as the most appropriate solution due to the higher temperatures needed for the existing radiator systems and the lack of sufficient ground available for a ground-source heat pump. The estate also has extensive woodland and is able to use a combination of purchased roundwood and their own stocks as fuel, further lowering their heating costs.


We delivered 2x 200kW biomass boilers to feed heat into a total of 12 properties plus a swimming pool. The system also included a 560kW backup oil boiler and 16,000 litres of buffer tank storage. This was installed in an existing, disused farm building and was fed via two branches of pre-insulated underground heat main layed throughout the estate grounds.


We used the incumbent civils and plumbing contractors to deliver these aspects of the installation, ensuring their buy-in to the project and commitment to quality. They worked with the specialist engineers and pipe fitters to connect the lengths of heat main together and to connect the new system into the existing internal networks.

A total of five non-domestic spaces and eight dwellings were added to the network, enabling the estate to apply for accreditation under the medium non-domestic RHI scheme, guaranteeing them payments over the next 20 years.


Although the swimming pool is not eligible for RHI payments, careful controls ensure that heat to the pool is not included in the calculated payments.


The Estate have now been able to get rid of their oil tanks and with the provision of the central oil backup boiler, are in the process of removing the old oil boilers as they come to the end of their lifespans.