It can sometimes be hard to spare the capital required to install and operate renewable energy technologies. In many cases this can delay or at worst stop development occurring. Finding the right solution to financing these projects is therefore crucial.

Nova Power has the ability to fully fund projects so you have a risk free solution. We will operate the system, install it and fix it if it breaks. We can also organise debt and equity financing to suit both the project and the desires of the site provider. Our financial modelling advises you on expected income and returns from potential renewable energy projects as well as giving you tailored options on how best to fund them.

Where desired, Nova Power will act as an Energy Service Company (ESCO). We will supply heat and/or electricity from renewable sources directly to clients. We take care of all fuel and maintenance leaving clients with cheaper heat and electricity.

This is particularly attractive to users wanting to take some of the fossil fuel price inflation risk away from their buildings.

Under this arrangement, Nova Power will look at and install all suitable electricity and heat generating equipment as well as energy efficiency measures. We cover the capital cost of all aspects of the installation from planning through to commissioning and take any risk on fuel supply and demand.