This video shows a delivery of G50 grade wood chip into an underground Froling chip shifter at one of our client’s sites.


The main benefit of the chip shifter being installed underground is that the heavy trough does not need to be wheeled in and out of a storage position for every delivery, and the augers can be permanently connected together.


It makes each delivery as quick and painless as possible and any chip spillage is simply swept into the trough meaning no messy clean-up. The heavy duty road plates were a bespoke design that sit snuggly over the trough and machinery and allow even heavy farm machinery to drive over the installation without issue.


The steel grid over the trough is a safety measure to ensure people, animals and tools cannot fall in while the hatches are open. The horizontal augers in the trough move the chip towards the chip store where an external vertical auger transports the chip upwards onto the large spinning disc which distributes the fuel into the chip store and hopper.